제목 [학술세미나] [학과세미나] 10월 15일(월) 17시 특별세미나 안내
작성일 2018-10-12 08:22:46
내용 [학과세미나] 10월 15일(월) 17시 특별세미나 안내

▪제목 : Recent Trends in Sequential Negative Binomial and Statistical Ecology
▪연사 : Nitis Mukhopadhyay (University of Connecticut)
▪일시 : 2018년 10월 15일(월) PM 17:00 – 19:00
▪장소 : 25동 405호

초 록
Over dispersed count-data are abundant in entomology, more broadly, in statistical ecology. In 1949, Frank Anscombe pioneered the role of negative binomial (NB) modeling with two parameters while working with insect count data. NB distributions find extensive use in agriculture, insect infestation, soil and weed science.
Research methods have grown immensely in the past more than sixty for count data modeled by a NB distribution. Hence, we will selectively review influential research methods for a number of formulations and their executions in the context of purely sequential and two-stage sampling methodologies for data collection with regard to both confidence interval and point estimation problems for average infestation.
We will emphasize recent major approaches and their associated large-sample first- as well as second-order properties by highlighting illustrations with real data sets including one on potato beetle infestation.
Keywords: Average infestation; Coefficient of variation; Ecology; Environmental statistics; First-order properties; Second-order properties; Sequential methods; Thatch parameter; Two-stage methods; Unknown thatch parameter.
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