General Education

Classification : General Education   Class Number  :  053.001   Credit : 3   Grade : 1
This course introduces various types of uncertainty experienced in our daily lives and examines the effort of statisticians to overcome uncertainty. In addition, this course also discusses various types of challenges facing us in the 21st century.
Classification : General Education   Class Number  :  046.003   Credit : 3   Grade : 1
The main aim of the course is to help student understand the fundamental concepts of statistics. In this course various practical examples that show uncertainty and statistical methodology used to solve the problem are discussed.
Classification : General Education   Class Number  :  033.019   Credit : 3   Grade : 1
This course will give an introduction to basic statistical concepts. Students will practice applying statistics to other sciences such as natural sciences, social sciences and engineering, and examine computerized statistical techniques. The course provides an overview of basic probability distributions, such as binomial distribution, normal distribution and sample distributions. It will acquaint students with interval estimation and hypothesis testing which are the basic concepts of statistical inferences, and help students enhance their ability to solve actual statistical problems based on their study of regression analysis, categorical data analysis and analysis of variance.
Classification : General Education   Class Number  :  033.020   Credit : 3   Grade : 1
This course will help students enhance their understanding of statistical concepts and improve their ability of actual problem solving in statistics by using the statistical data analysis package. Students will practice sampling, generating random numbers and translating the central limit theorem into graphics. By doing regression analysis, categorical data analysis and analysis of variance, students will develop their problem solving skills in statistics.

Classification : General Education   Class Number  :  033.021   Credit : 3   Grade : 2

This course is designed to introduce basic statistical methods. The course will provide the students with an overview of the elementary concepts,hypothesis testing, probability distribution, statistical inferences, linear and multicple regression, correlation and categorical data analysis, sampling survey and time series.